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What You Should Know about Dating a Big Beautiful Woman

Posted by | Oct 19, 2017

know about dating a big beautiful womanDating can be tough for BBW singles, it's like a war and every BBW wants to win. When it comes to big beautiful women, the first things you think of they have big shape and size, and it's very difficult to date someone for those big beautiful women due to their physical aspects. In a word, BBWs are women anyway. What they want, need and dream of is the same as what other women want, need and dream of. What the difference is that the way some people treat them and that needs to be changed. If you are a BBW admirer and interested in dating a BBW, make sure to do it right and know the rules of dating a big woman. Here's what you should know about dating a big beautiful woman.

The "weight conversation" is a slippery slope

BBWs get particularly offended when people start preaching them about health and quality of life. Some guys are attracted to fuller bodies but still feel the need to point out that "fat is not healthy." BBWs are not babies or little girls, and they are certainly not idiots. They take care of themselves the way they see fit and there's nothing you can tell them about health and effects of obesity they haven't heard before, trust us. Do yourself a favor and avoid coming off as preachy or judgemental.

You should know BBWs are not here for you to view pleasurably or excitedly. It's great that you are turned on by chubby bodies, but please try not to come off as a chubby chaser or some fat fetishist. This may make the woman to think you are a clown and she won't be interested in you. That means you tell her that she is so hot and you love fatties. Remember not to say like that. On the contrary, the best thing you should do is to follow her cues and respect the way she perceives herself.

Make her feel like you see beyond her body

This one is a logical consequence of what we said above. No woman wants to be appreciated for her body alone, fat or thin. Do you have any common interests? Talk about them. Talk about her childhood, her hopes and dreams, her plans, her opinions on various topics. There is so much to talk about beyond the body issue. Also, it's important for a BBW to realize you like her for her, not "because" or "in spite of" her figure. Do your BBW dates tell you how they are going out with you because they only like skinny guys? Didn't think so?

Treat a big beautiful woman the same way you would do to any other woman

Big beautiful women are not people with special needs. You don't need to hide her or try to protect her from nasty comments or curious looks. She can take care of herself. All she needs from you is attention, affection, fairness and decent human behavior. You'd better treat your big beautiful woman like you would do to any other woman you are on a date with, because that is precisely what she is – just a woman.

Never, ever try to hide her

If a big beautiful woman suspects you are embarrassed because you are dating with her, she will hit the road and you will never see her again. Take her out, introduce her to your friends and family, and be proud of her, not ashamed. This is probably the biggest struggle that big beautiful women have when it comes to dating – a scenario that they absolutely dread.

Be understanding and considerate

Unfortunately, you should understand this world isn't always very easy for big beautiful women, especially in youth. Chances are that your BBW date has had some pretty rough experiences in high school, might have been bullied, ridiculed and emotionally abused. As we said above, this doesn't mean you have to treat her like she is made out of glass, but you still need to understand her experience and respect it, and you need to be considerate. Respect is the key to make BBW dating success.

Talk to her about her needs and preferences

If you are one of those men who like big women, you should understand that different people have different tastes. This means that she probably also has certain preferences when it comes to BBW dating. You had better talk to her about it and see what she likes or dislikes and then perform accordingly and naturally. Proper communication is the only way to a successful relationship, and a relationship with a BBW is no exception to that rule.